The centers of the game of football in the world into a variety of centers summarized as follows:
In football, the goalkeeper is the player who guards his team's goal, and he is the only player allowed to touch the ball with his hand in football provided that the ball is inside the penalty area and is not returned to him from one of his players foot, and all teams must play goalkeeper At all times of the game, even if the goalkeeper is injured or sent off the team must enter a goalkeeper, and if the team has exhausted its changes one player must play as a goalkeeper.
Defender in football: is one of the positions in the football lineup, and defend and confront the opponent's attackers so as not to score a goal in their own way in any way and any part of his body except his hands.
Types of defensive players: center back - Libero - full back
A football midfielder is one of the centers in the football squad, and is in the process of linking defense and attack, may be a retreating or advanced midfielder or midfield. In modern times the midfielder has become one of the most important players for linking defense and attack, passing for attackers and helping the defense as well.
Striker (football): He is one of the important positions in the football lineup, and most goals come from him. The striker's position is one of the most difficult positions in football, contrary to what some believe, it requires special skills in narrow spaces.

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