The best football tournaments in the world in terms of importance and passion for the fans can be arranged as follows:
1- World Cup
It is the most expensive tournament ever and is the celebration that the fans of the round expect every four years
The World Cup is the dream of every football player to be crowned with this world title.
2 - European Cup of Nations
It is the best tournament after the World Cup and has big teams due to the convergence of the level of European teams and the intensity of competition between the teams that are favorites to win this tournament.
3 - Champions League
This tournament is the strongest for clubs and is very enthusiastic and participates in the best European clubs and play the best players.
4.Copa America
It is an exciting and big tournament and it is enough to have Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay to know the size of this tournament, which includes the best skills.
5.Cuba Libertadores
A fun tournament where you watch the Banu Latinos, the second strongest continental club competition in the world.
6 - Club World Cup football
It is an international football tournament created by FIFA to replace the Intercontinental Cup. In 1999, FIFA announced the creation of a new tournament, with the participation of all the continental federation champions, to bring democracy and equal opportunity to the world's most powerful club every year.
In the end, these are the top 5 tournaments that can be watched and tracked and are the real measure of choosing the best players in the world and in history.

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